The top tournament was first established in 2012. Mascom became the first sponsor of the cup, and no other company has sponsored the cup apart from them. It is a cup tournament which features premier league teams that finished in the top 8 bracket of the previous season. The quarterfinals and semi-finals are played as two-legged ties both home and away, with a once-off final. In the case where the scores are tied after the two-legged ties, the away rule will apply to decide the winner. However, this rule only applies in the first 90 minutes. If the aggregate score and the away goals scored are level after the 90 minutes of the 2nd leg, the teams will proceed to extra time and the Away goals rule will be disregarded thereafter. This means that if the aggregate score is still tied after extra time, the match will proceed to a penalty shoot-out regardless of the away goals scored in that 30 minutes.



Past finals

2011/12: Township Rollers 3-1 ECCO City Greens.

2012/13: Gaborone United 2-1 Botswana Defence Force

2013/14: Botswana Defence Force XI 1-1 (aet; 5-4 pen.) Township Rollers

2014/15: Gaborone United 2-1 Township Rollers

2015/16: Orapa United 3-1 (aet) Township Rollers

2016/17: Jwaneng Galaxy 4-3 (aet) Orapa United

2017/18: Township Rollers 4-2 Orapa United

2018/19: Gaborone United 0-2 Jwaneng Galaxy

2019/20:Orapa United 1-1 (aet; 4-3 pen.) Township Rollers

2020/21: Cancelled

2021/22: Cancelled


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