There is a sense of relief from different quarters that this new Premier League season is set to be packed with excitement and action than anticipated. With both power houses, Township Rollers and Jwaneng Galaxy perched at the summit with similar statistics, the 2023-24 season is set to be one to salivate at.

But before it could be known, the need for news and views – not to mention wins in Gaborone and Francistown stadiums or wherever will once again become the all-consuming passion in many football lovers’ lives. First week means, only 2 teams won and only 2 teams lost while 12 clubs played to a draw. For this reason, 12 goals were scored across all the stadiums.

This therefore means some had reason to be happier than most. Logic decrees that the Premier League’s usual suspects will have it all their own way yet again.

Seasons’ never ending transfer news came and gone, half-paced friendlies had their place in life, but they were surely only ever going to be a tasty little snack before the sumptuous banquet, which is a fresh season where the Premier League ditched out a double header on Saturday in Lobatse Sports Complex where BDF XI were playing against new entrants, VTM before Matebele FC locked horns with Sua Flamingoes.

The season opener in Gaborone saw Vision View streaming its first match at National Stadium, the OTT and streaming partner of the league has lived up to the expectation with good quality production, broadcasting Masitaoka game against Township Rollers. On Sunday, the premier league was also spoilt for choice where fans flocked to different venues to witness their teams laying down new combinations. The station which has already engraved itself in the heart of Batswana supporters is here to stream as many games as it can possibly do.

And it is promising. The first goal of the campaign was scored by Township Rollers long standing player, Segolame Boy in the 14th minute.

The cream, as they say, always has a tendency to rise to the top. Week 1 was indeed interesting, all premier league rookies played to draws, matching old horses in strength and quality.

 Now, buoyed by the belief teams carry during any fresh season, as optimism is soaring, anything is possible as far as these teams are concerned. A second week equates to opportunity, a chance to shine like never before. But the first games have inspired almost everyone, from production to the field of play.