Mbatha meets DBS bosses

Newly appointed chief executive officer of the Botswana Football League (BFL) Senzo Mbatha has been introduced to the high ranking authorities of the Department of Broadcasting Services (DBS).

Mbatha was accompanied by president of the association, Mac Lean Letshwiti together with premier league board chairman Nicholas Zakhem who both retain steadfast faith on the South African native that he can transform the status of local football.

Mbatha was welcomed by the director of the department Raymond Tsheko who assured the BFL CEO of unparallel support at all times.

“We will support you all the way, rest assured. We understand that television plays a massive role in commercialization of football, it is good that we start now and see what best we can do before the next football calendar commences, Tsheko said.

Along the discussions which were held under a friendly atmosphere, Tsheko could not miss any moment but reassures the sitting that the state broadcaster, Btv will do its optimum best in the next coming season to broadcast at least half the Botswana premier league games. This will be a milestone achievement for the broadcaster. There are 240 games played in a season.

For his part, Mbatha acknowledged the existing gaps in Botswana football, but he was quick to accept that those can be filled in a blink of an eye. He is of the view that all stakeholders involved in football must put their house to work for a common goal.

“Well, it is a nice feeling to be here amongst respected leaders of the game. It is in fact an eye-opening impression for me to be welcomed in this manner and be assured of solid support. I pledge my honest view that we will work to the best of our ability at the office to bring the best results for the game,” he shared.